7 black-eyed peas with bacon dishes from the South you just can't resist

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Black-eyed peas and bacon is one of the best sides you can serve up. Each bite is packed with the perfect blend of savory bacon and fresh black-eyed peas. There's really nothing else quite like it.
You may assume that all black-eyed pea dishes are the same. This is simply not true! There are countless ways that small adjustments can make a huge difference. Check out some of our favorite black-eyed pea recipes on the web.
1. Spicy black-eyed peas recipe (h/t One Hundred Dollars a Month)
Turn up the heat with tasty dish! This is all the traditional flavor that you know and love with a little bit of extra spice for those that prefer that little extra kick.
2. Black-eyed peas and collard greens (h/t South Your Mouth)
Black-eyed peas pair nicely with a lot of other dishes. One of the best ways to get your black-eyed peas and bacon fix is to add collar greens to the mix. You won't be disappointed!
3. Bacon black-eyed peas (h/t Cooks and Kid)
Take things back to the basics with this tried and true recipe. The simplicity of this dish will surprise you, but the flavor is undeniable.
4. Cajun black-eyed peas (h/t Just a Pinch)
The bold flavors of this dish is just what you need to set the stage for your next meal. There's no denying that everybody will fall in love with this flavorful side.
5. Stovetop black-eyed peas (h/t cdkitchen)
Don't have time for a complicated recipe? No problem! Simply add all the key ingredients and slow cook on the stove all day. It's really that easy!
6. Hoppin John recipe (h/t She Wears Many Hats)
This traditional New Years dish is enjoyed by Southerners. The extra addition of rice really makes this recipe hearty enough to be main course.
7. Tex Mex black-eyed pea casserole (h/t Recipe Girl)
Nobody can get enough of this satisfying dish! It's full of delicious flavor from the savory bacon and there's no denying the impeccable taste of fresh black-eyed peas smothered in decadent cheese.
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