Grab some fresh veggies and whip up one of these 6 healthy chicken and veggie stir-fries

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I know busy nights. Between after-school activities, building a writing business and juggling personal relationships, I'm exhausted by the time dinner rolls around. One of my favorite dishes to make is a stir-fry. One pan (two if I'm making rice) means it's easy to clean up. Plus, my kids eat their vegetables.
Stir fry is easy, but it can be a bit boring after a while, so check out these recipes to spice up a favorite quick-fix.
1. Chicken and mixed veggie stir-fry
Nothing like keeping dinner simple. Chicken and stir-fry is a fun one-pan dinner you can throw together in a pinch. Soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce add a lot of flavor to the fresh veggies
2. Garlic chicken stir fry (h/t The Recipe Critic)
The smell of garlic is enough to make my mouth water. Add some chicken broth and sesame oil, and you have dinner heaven. The recipe calls for yellow bell pepper (which is sweeter than green), but you could substitute it for orange or red to get similar results.
3. General Tso's chicken stir fry (h/t Delish)
Forget calling or takeout, this fast-food favorite is super easy to make, and you get to control what goes in the dish. Bonus: the recipe calls for honey as a sweetener instead of sugar. You'll also need hoisin sauce (a type of Chinese barbecue-ish sauce).
4. Honey chicken stir fry (h/t Taste of Home)
Keep it simple when you are running low on time. A few of your favorite frozen vegetables, some garlic, a little honey, and a bit of cornstarch will do the trick. Try serving this over noodles instead of rice.
5. Broccoli and bell pepper stirfry (h/t Tastes Lovely)
Dd you know you can substitute tamari for soy sauce? Try using it with this homemade recipe for stir-fry sauce (which also includes ginger, garlic, rice vinegar, and sesame seed oil). Despite the recipe name, you'll also need a zucchini to add a little more depth to the dish.
6. Lemon chicken stir fry (h/t Eating Well)
Try this fresh take on a stir fry! You'll (mostly) skip the thick sauce in favor of a lighter, more refreshing taste. The use of carrots, snow peas, and mushrooms keeps this dish more traditional.
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November 16   ·  
'Simple' is an understatement when describing this delicious dish.
November 15   ·  
When complemented with a side of asparagus, the result is a zesty, healthy meal.
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