7 skillet cornbread recipes to make you feel like your in the deep South

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Skillet cornbread is one of those Southern sides that you will take however you can get it. It's best served with warm, melted butter or a slathered in rich, sweet honey. No matter how you decide to dress it up, one thing is for certain, you won't be able to get enough of this Southern classic.
You haven't had true cornbread unless you've tried a skillet recipe. If you're new to Southern cuisine then this is a fine place to start. Check out these tasty options that you can try for yourself.
1. Cast iron skillet cornbread (h/t Food Network)
This recipe shows the crispy deliciousness of skillet cornbread. This simple recipe results in light and fluffy cornbread that has so much flavor cooked right in.
2. Cheddar and cream cheese skillet cornbread (h/t Melanie Makes)
You won't believe the rich goodness packed in this incredible dish! Cheddar and cream cheese gives this recipe a hearty texture that you won't be able to get enough of!
3. Brown butter, honey and jalapeno skillet cornbread (h/t Cookie and Kate)
Try to stop yourself from grabbing another slice of this cornbread that packs a punch. Just adding a bit of fresh jalapeno to this dish skyrockets the flavor to a completely different level.
4. Maple bacon skillet cornbread (h/t Huffington Post)
Maple syrup and savory bacon come together to create a deliciousness that will blow you away. This simple combination transforms ordinary cornbread into a delectable side dish you'll want to share.
5. Skillet pumpkin cornbread (h/t Host the Toast)
Grab your forks and dig right into this tasty rendition of a Southern classic. This cornbread has all the flavors of fall. Enjoy it all year long with this easy-to-follow recipe.
6. Skillet chili cornbread pot pie (h/t 12 Tomatoes)
Make a meal of it with this all-in-one dish. This is a filling option for people who want to transform cornbread into a main course.
7. Best loaded cornbread skillet (h/t Delish)
This loaded cornbread recipe is the perfect breakfast food. This dish is filled to the brim with bacon, eggs, and melted cheese. You are sure to add this to your favorite recipe list!
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