6 different ways to store plastic bags so that they're out of your hair

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Saving your plastic grocery bags is probably the best way to recycle them. After all, you can use plastic bags for just about anything. But storing them between uses can be a hassle, as they just get in the way.
Instead of just shoving all of your plastic bags into a drawer or under the sink, find more convenient storage solutions. Whether you want to make your own bag storage or use something you already have on hand, we've got you covered with these tips.
1. Repurpose a tissue box (h/t Polished Habitat)
Next time you finish a box of tissues, don't throw away the box. Instead, fill it with plastic bags, making sure to pull the top one out a little. Now, whenever you need a plastic bag, just pull it out of the box like it's a tissue.
2. Re-use a wipes container (h/t Tater Tots & Jello)
Just like the tissue box, you can also recycle an old wipes container to help store your plastic bags. Roll the bags, stick them into the cylinder and pull from the middle to make the first bag stick up a little. Because the wipes containers are easy to transport, you can store them anywhere in your house or keep them in your car.
3. Jar of bags (h/t Gimme Some Oven)
If you're looking for a space-saving solution for bag storage, then tucking them away in a jar might be your best option. This one takes a little time, though. Start by flattening the bag until all of the air is out of it. Then, starting with the bottom of the bag, carefully roll it around two of your fingers. When it's rolled to the handles, loop them around the rolled bag and pull tight. You now have a plastic bag that can easily fit into a jar with a whole bunch of other tightly rolled plastic bags.
4. Triangle fold (h/t Bob Vila)
Flatten your plastic bag, fold it in half twice and then fold it until you have a small triangle. When the handles are the only part of the bag not in the triangle, loop them around two of the corners to keep the bag from unrolling.
5. Roll the bags (h/t OneCrazyHouse)
Fold the first bag in half and smooth it flat. Set another folded bag on top of it, but leave a couple inches of the first bag showing. Start rolling the first bag until you've rolled it an inch or two over the second bag. Add a third bag and roll a little more. Continue this until you're out of bags and then use something to tie or bind the roll of bags. When you need a bag, just pull from the middle of the roll and one will pull free.
6. Bag Lady (h/t ebay)
If you want a cute and crafty way to store your plastic bags, then go for a handmade bag lady. You can make one yourself or buy one online. It's a great way to keep the bags out of the way and makes for a good conversation piece with guests.
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