Grab those mashed potatoes. Here are 6+ delicious mashed potato casserole recipes that will make your neighbors jealous

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Mashed potatoes are an American staple side, but have you had them in a casserole? The following recipes will be an instant hit in the family and for good reason. Just imagine the combination of hearty mashed potatoes mixed in with rich meats and veggies.
Mashed potato casserole
While traditional mashed potatoes are fabulous any day of the week, this absolutely stunning recipe for mashed potato casserole is an instant classic. It takes traditional mashed potatoes a few steps further and brings this humble plate of food into a whole new realm.
Make ahead mashed potatoes
These potatoes are so good that you may just want to keep a ready-to-go casserole of them (or two!) in your freezer. This way, mashed potatoes can show up on your dinner table more often.
Sausage and mashed potato casserole
The recipe below unites some of our favorite parts of Thanksgiving – creamy mashed potatoes and crispy fried onions – with savory sausage. The result is a hearty dish perfect for a weeknight dinner.
Reuben casserole
The Reuben sandwich is one of the most iconic deli sandwiches out there. The rather simple sandwich is served on rye bread and consists of corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing. Here it is now in casserole form:
Pierogi-inspired lasagna casserole
We know, mixing potatoes and lasagna noodles sounds a little bit weird. However, this delicious casserole turns out to be the perfect encounter of two delectable comfort foods that will please both your family and friends. Guaranteed!
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Here's a hearty recipe that is hard to miss.
March 16   ·  
With this amazing casserole, you can now serve up a stunning all-time favorite dinner, and prepare it all in less than 10 minutes. And as you know, simple prep often equals simple clean-up! It's a win-win!
March 14   ·  
We're always looking for easy dinners that the whole family will love. This casserole fits the bill.
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