8 Southern gumbo recipes that you should make this week

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Gumbo is one of the most flavorful Southern dishes you'll ever taste! It's a staple dish in Louisiana so it's full of the boldest flavors that define this part of the South. Gumbo is a hearty dish that keeps people coming back for more so it's definitely a top choice if you have a hungry family to feed.
There are many complex flavors in this satisfying stew, but it's also very simple to throw together. If you're looking for a tasty meal that is sure to fill your stomach, then this is the perfect option for you. Here are some of the most scrumptious gumbo recipes out there. You'll definitely want to get them a shot!
1. Best ever gumbo recipe (h/t I Heart Recipes)
Chicken, sausage, seafood--oh my! This gumbo recipe is what your dreams are made of! You'll think you are in the heart of Louisiana when you take a bite of this tasty dish.
2. Crockpot gumbo (h/t Tammilee Tips)
If you are strapped for time, then you have to get this recipe a shot! Toss all your favorite ingredients into the crockpot and relish in the amazing aromas that fill your home.
3. Green gumbo (h/t Simply Recipes)
Get your daily dose of greens with this insanely delicious recipe. Gumbo never tasted so good as this dish that's packed full of collard greens, spinach and kale.
4. Smokey creole gumbo (h/t Creole Contessa)
The smokey flavor in this recipe is everything. The delicious creole taste really stands out in this savory dish.
5. New Orleans chicken andouille sausage gumbo (h/t Jessica Gavin)
This veggie-rich gumbo is just what you need after a hectic workday. Another added bonus is that this recipe yields a batch that's large enough to enjoy leftovers for days to come.
6. Gumbo-laya recipe (h/t The Cozy Apron)
Calling all gumbo and jumbalya fans! If you can't seem to get enough of either of these tasty dishes then why not just throw them together? The flavor is out of this world.
7. Vegan gumbo (h/t Cilantro and Citronella)
No matter your dietary restrictions, gumbo is for everybody! This recipe proves that you can enjoy this Southern classic even without all the meat.
8. Easy gumbo recipe (h/t Little Family Adventure)
Add a little comfort food into your life with this simple recipe. It may taste like you spent all day in your kitchen, but your secret is safe with us!
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