7 vegan potato soups that are too scrumptious to pass up

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Potato soup is everything you could possibly want out of a comfort food. It's creamy. It's filling. It warms you up on a cold day. It's the kind of food that makes you want to curl up and binge-watch your favorite series.
Admittedly, most potato soups have a milk and cheese base, but there's definitely exceptions to that rule. Here, we've rounded up some of the most delicious potato soups that also happen to be vegan. Enjoy!
1. Creamy potato leek soup (h/t Vegetarian Astronomy)
This one-pot meal is exactly what you need if you are short on time. The leeks are the real showstopper of this dish as they bring out a subtle flavor that makes this soup unlike the rest.
2. Un-cheesy potato broccoli soup (h/t The Whole Serving)
If you want something a little more satisfying than regular potato soup then this is the kind of recipe you are looking for. The cheese-like base is actually created by blending carrots, potatoes, olive oil, and nutritional yeast. Amazing!
3. Loaded vegan potato soup (h/t Connoisseurus Veg)
Your taste buds will be blown away by the bold flavors of this recipe. All of your favorite toppings are found in one single dish.
4. Cumin spiced potato and leek soup (h/t The Veggie Indian)
This is a frugal and simple way to bring a delicious potato soup to your table. Cumin adds just the right amount of flavor to this hearty soup.
5. Peanut carrot and sweet potato soup (h/t A Saucy Kitchen)
You are sure to fall in love with this scrumptious soup! Sweet potatoes makes this particular dish stand out from the rest. You won't believe how much flavor is in each and every spoonful.
6. Healthy vegan potato soup (h/t Veggie Society)
There are so many terrific veggies packed into this single meal! If you like a soup that has a bit more to it then this is a must-try.
7. Purple cauliflower and potato soup (h/t Food Fidelity)
Delight your guests with this colorful soup! It's not just the color that will blow them away. The flavor is definitely a showstopper, too!
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