8 vegetarian recipes with jalapeno that are so good they're on fire

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These recipes are on fire! If you love to spice things up in the kitchen and you're a vegetarian, I got you covered!
Here are 8 vegetarian recipes that have jalapenos. Even your carnivore friends won't be able to turn these away!
1. Basil jalapeno corn fritters (h/t Vegan Richa)
Super sweet corn fritters with some spicy jalapeno mixed in seem like a match made in vegetarian heaven. I’m in love! So are my taste buds!
2. Fresh corn zucchini chowder (h/t Little Spice Jar)
Some of my favorite meals are made with corn and this corn and zucchini chowder is no exception. I can’t wait till corn season!
3. Vegan tortilla soup (h/t Vegetarian Gastronomy)
The best things in life come in a bowl and this vegan tortilla soup is all you need for a complete hearty and delicious meal with a kick. Pair it up with the parmesan crisps (next recipe) and it’s all a body ever needs.
4. Parmesan crisps (h/t Keto Connect)
This recipe is so easy, you won't believe it. Mounds of parmesan cheese, slices of provolone, and jalapenos to top it all off! Easy peasy!
5. Vegetarian Mexican rice (h/t Cook With Manali)
Jalapenos turn ordinary Mexican rice into something extraordinary. You can increase or decrease the heat by adding the amount of jalapenos you want.
6. Avocado bomb sauce (h/t Simply Made Recipes)
This recipe is the “bomb”! Seriously, if you like jalapenos or guacamole, you’re in for a real treat. Simply eat this sauce with your favorite chips, use as a dressing on a salad, or top your steaks or eggs with it. Delicious any way you choose!
7. Vegetarian jalapeno poppers (h/t The Skinny Fork)
These poppers are on fire! Greek yogurt combined with cheddar cheese and veggie bacon strips and topped with jalapenos. They might just make your taste buds will sizzle a bit!​
8. Jalapeno popper herb grilled cheese (h/t Vegetarian Gastronomy)
Creamy vegan cheese, fresh herbs, sourdough bread, and jalapenos! What more could you want! This is seriously yummy!
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