6 scrumptious vegetarian recipes made with pumpkin that you're gonna love

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No matter how used we are to seeing them, there's something about pumpkins. Whether it's their nailed-on fairytale credentials (Cinderella was going nowhere without hers), the Hallowe'en factor or their intrinsic link to holidays and Thanksgiving; pumpkins are awesome.
They're really good for us as well, with vitamins and fiber aplenty. Not only that, pumpkins are super-versatile and perfect as a cornerstone of hundreds of vegetarian and vegan meals. These recipes feature just a handful of the creamy, spicy, roasted, baked and pureed ways of enjoying pumpkin, and they don't even have to be home by midnight.
1. Vegan pumpkin and sage soup (h/t The Edgy Veg)
A solidly tasty and hearty soup to warm up with on a cool evening. Packed with vegetables and whole spices, along with pumpkin-loving sage; this video is a great tutorial on how to make a fabulous soup in a few easy steps.
2. Pumpkin gnocchi in spiced butter sauce with lemon cashew cream (h/t One Green Planet)
Planning a dinner party? Wow your guests with these delicious gnocchi, served on lemon and cashew cream and dressed with a fragrant butter sauce, warm with nutmeg and allspice. It's easy to make and sensational to eat!
3. Vegetarian pumpkin lasagna (h/t The Spruce)
No marinara sauce here, but plenty of creamy, dreamy cheesy richness from mozzarella, parmesan and ricotta together with pureed pumpkin. An easy recipe that gives a really luxurious taste.
4. Pumpkin and orange donuts (h/t A Virtual Vegan)
Just how cool are these? So tempting, these baked, spiced donuts are enriched with cashew butter and paired with orange for a zesty, citrus burst of flavor that works so well!
5. Savory mushroom and quinoa stuffed mini-pumpkins (h/t Simple Seasonal)
Serving a herby, mushroom, leek and quinoa stuffing inside individual mini-pumpkins is such a cute idea! It looks so impressive and tastes wonderful as well.
6. Vegan pumpkin burger (h/t Vegan Heaven)
These pumpkin burgers are pretty darn special. Oats and chickpeas help to hold things together, while the sweetness of the pumpkin combines beautifully with herbs, garlic and paprika. The serving suggestions are really inspired as well!
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