Remember to buy tortillas the next time you are at the store. 5+ awesome tortilla casserole recipes

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A casserole is a quintessential American dish. Layers of a starch, protein, and vegetables are all baked together to create a satisfying meal in one package. Though it may sound like just throwing everything in a dish and baking it, the result can actually have a lot of flavor and depth.
What if we added tortillas to our casserole? Keep reading and see a few stellar tortilla-based casserole recipes:
Ranch chicken casserole
What makes this ranch chicken special? It only takes 15 minutes to prep and will have your family and friends impressed. If you are looking for something quick to throw together, be sure to have the recipe below handy.
Green chili beef enchiladas casserole
If you've never had the pleasure of tasting freshly made enchiladas, then you have been dearly missing out on true taste-bud bliss! This unbelievably easy recipe for green chili beef enchiladas is the perfect chance to sample this incredible meal, all while trying your hand at making them yourself!
Casserole burrito pie
Burrito pie is everything you love about burritos, without all the fussing of assembling them and making sure they're rolled just right so they don't fall apart in the oven.
Beef enchilada casserole
This enchilada casserole offers all the flavors of enchiladas without the tedious effort of rolling them. You can use ready-made enchilada sauce with great results, but you can also make it with the recipe provided if you are feeling adventurous.​
Salsa verde chicken casserole
Looking for a way to use up your leftover rotisserie chicken? This super easy salsa verde chicken casserole recipe is the perfect solution! This dish has amazing flavors.
Taco lasagna
When I think of comfort food, two things come to mind: tacos and lasagna. Why not have the best of both worlds? This dish is literally a taco lasagna casserole.
Monster chicken fajita wrap
Chicken fajitas are a fantastic comfort dish, but they can be a bit messy. This fun twist on a classic simplifies how you eat this dish and turns out a pretty attractive entree, too. This dish works best with a cast-iron skillet, but you can use any oven-safe pan (with a little extra oil to prevent sticking).
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Here's a hearty recipe that is hard to miss.
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With this amazing casserole, you can now serve up a stunning all-time favorite dinner, and prepare it all in less than 10 minutes. And as you know, simple prep often equals simple clean-up! It's a win-win!
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We're always looking for easy dinners that the whole family will love. This casserole fits the bill.
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