Lady Baltimore cake is the best Southern dessert and here are 6 recipes for you to try

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Lady Baltimore Cake is a traditional white layer cake that's filled with delicious fruit and nuts. It's a longtime favorite of Southerners and is often the preferred dessert for many occasions. Once you check out these amazing recipes, you'll quickly see why Lady Baltimore Cake is Southern classic.
Whether you're celebrating a birthday or simply want something delicious on your table, Lady Baltimore Cake can help you achieve it. Check out these six amazing recipes for this tasty treat.
1. Lady Baltimore cake in a jar (h/t Making it Modern)
This is the more modern approach to this timeless dessert. Simply use a boxed cake to simplify the recipe and then pack it in a mason jar. Check out those delicious layers!
2. Lady Baltimore cake (h/t Taste of Home)
This recipe shows the traditional way to make this yummy dessert. The complex flavors of dried fruit and nuts is just what you need to serve up to your family and friends.
3. Lady Baltimore cake with mocha frosting (h/t Folgers Coffee)
While Lady Baltimore cake is traditionally a white cake, there's nothing wrong with spicing things up a little! The rich, mocha flavor is just what you need to make this recipe your own.
4. Lady Baltimore as birthday cake (h/t Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats)
Even though Lady Baltimore cake looks and tastes delicious as an all-white dessert--you have to admit that this rendition is beautiful! Don't forget you can add a pop of color to the frosting to give your cake a unique look.
5. Lady Baltimore cupcakes (h/t Raspberry Eggplant)
Cupcakes are the perfect party dessert! Stick to the traditional Lady Baltimore Cake recipe to make these single-serving yummy cupcakes.
6. Lady Baltimore cake with substitutes (h/t The Baking Pan) The best thing about Lady Baltimore cake is how customizable it is! If you aren't a fan of the traditional version that uses cranberries as a filling, then opt for anything from cherries, to raspberries, or any berry at all!
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