There's a totally new way to cook salmon and it'll change how you eat it +5 low-carb salmon recipes

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You might cook a lot of salmon because it’s such a great choice for low-carb meals. It’s high in protein and full of healthy fats. Plus, it’s delicious and very versatile. The recipes below are fast and easy to make and they produce a dishes that are packed with flavor.
Take a look at these recipes and see if any of these catch your eye. You'll be the catch of the day when your family is devouring delicious salmon. Don't forget to share these with a friend who loves salmon.
1. Low-carb garlic Parmesan salmon
A quick mixture of ingredients slathered over fish turns into a creamy and flavorful sauce as it cooks in this dish. It pairs well with roasted broccoli. Not only do the flavors go well together, but you can roast the broccoli in the same pan with the salmon. Add cauliflower rice or salad greens, and this is a dish that won’t leave you missing carbs one bit.
2. Low-carb garlic butter salmon in foil
The recipe below uses a foolproof salmon cooking method that turns out moist, flaky, flavorful fish. It makes clean-up a breeze, too. Baking salmon in a pouch made of aluminum foil prevents the fish from drying out. At the same time, the sealed package keeps the flavors of any topping ingredients inside, infusing them deep into the fish for penetrating flavor.
3. Low-carb salmon cakes
Crab cakes are delicious but it's expensive if you need to shell out for lump crabmeat. Substitute salmon because it’s flavorful, has great texture and, especially if you use canned, is much more affordable than crab. The recipe below will satisfy crab cake cravings without emptying your wallet.
4. Low-carb sweet chili salmon
Fish is so easy and quick to cook that you might find you're cooking more and more of it these days. Salmon is a favorite because it’s flavorful and loaded with healthy fats. All it needs is a bit of lemon and garlic to turn it into a delicious dinner, but sometimes you want something a little more exciting. The recipe below fits that bill.
5. Low-carb salmon with avocado and basil
There's a reason salmon is one of the first things people go to when they're trying to eat healthier. It's also a reason why so many restaurants offer it as their healthy option; It's packed full of omega-3s, it's full of protein and it can help those looking to control their weight. For those that aren't so concerned with the health benefits, however, there's another wonderful reason to eat salmon – it's delicious! Check out the recipe below for a flavorful dish.
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