Toss some mushrooms in your slow cooker for a dish the whole family will enjoy +5 recipes

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Nothing can bring flavor to a dish quite like a mushroom can, and the best way to incorporate mushroom into meals is by using a slow cooker. A slow cooker makes cooking a breeze, and the possibilities of meals you can create in them are endless.
Let's talk mushrooms! Take a look at these recipes and you will see that by throwing mushrooms in meals you are setting yourself up for a mouth-watering meal.
1. Slow cooker chicken and mushroom stroganoff
Stroganoff is a dish that originates from Russia and typically includes beef strips, sour cream and egg noodles. In the recipe below, you'll find that this dish has been lightened up slightly, using chicken in place of the red meat, and doing away with the sour cream entirely.
2. Slow cooker garlic and herb mushrooms
This recipe couldn't be easier. In fact, the most labor-intensive part is cleaning the mushrooms. Then it all goes into the slow cooker and cooks away. To really get the plump deliciousness of the mushrooms, you will need to add a dash of cream and a bit of butter at the end. Let those melt together and the mushrooms are ready. No steakhouse required.
3. Slow cooker creamy pork chops
Here is a delicious weeknight dinner your family will enjoy. These juicy pork chops made with cream of mushroom soup come out tender and delicious with amazing flavor.
4. Slow cooker mushroom lover's pot roast
Pot roast is an ideal Sunday supper. When you combine it with mushrooms, as in the recipe below, it gets even better. Another thing to love about this recipe is that most of the cooking – except for searing the roast – is done in the slow cooker. No need to constantly check the oven or make sure liquid levels are just right. They will be; you can count on it.
5. Slow cooker spinach and mushroom soup
Soup is not that difficult to make, and when you make it in a slow cooker, as in this recipe, it becomes even easier. You can let it simmer all day long and when you get home or are just ready for dinner, simply add a little cream and cornstarch to thicken it up a little bit. Its thickness may be it's best characteristic. It's not so thick it's going to turn to gluey mush on your spoon. Instead, it's just the right consistency to make it hearty and delicious.
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