Cooktop Cove: Here are 11 kitchen substitutions every baker should know
By Wendy Tanielian
Nothing is more frustrating when cooking or baking than realizing you're missing an ingredient way too late in the process. Southern Living created a handy video to show you exactly what to do when your oven's hot, you're four steps into a recipe, and you realize you don't have heavy cream.
But these tips for items like buttermilk, corn syrup and self-rising flour don't only save you time and frustration; they can also save you money on rarely used ingredients.
"If you use recipes for the majority of your cooking, you may be using expensive ingredients that can make a big dent in your grocery budget," says Ginger Dean, a finance contributor for Forbes magazine. "There are inexpensive alternatives to almost all frequently used ingredients."
But it's not just baking ingredients that have simple substitute solutions. Culinary Lore provides a great recipe for a ketchup alternative. Kitchen Sanity not only provides options for mayonnaise substitutes for dishes like tuna salad but also offers guidance on how to make healthier selections.
Know some hurried home chefs who could use a convenience break or even some trying to pinch pennies around the kitchen? Pass these great tips along.
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