Cooktop Cove: Slice along ridges of plastic water jug to make this super useful kitchen tool
By Wendy Tanielian
Don't just throw those empty plastic bottles out. This Thaitricks video shows you many ways to upcycle and give new life to bottles instead of simply tossing them. According to The World Counts, an estimated 1,500 plastic bottles end up in landfills or waterways every second.
The video shows easy tips on how to alter and reassemble bottles to give them new lives for tasks, such as waterproofing outdoor outlets or even picking fruit out of tall trees. There's also a very handy tip for using the sturdy plastic for an instant dish-drying rack – perfect for home or camping.
Good Housekeeping adds some additional items for those bottles you have stacking up in the recycling bin. Outdoor uses such as hummingbird feeders and small-scale sprinklers give long life to quick projects. Mother Nature Network also includes projects for those with a more artistic flair. They offer instructions on colorful and creative lampshades, mobiles and outdoor wind chimes.
So think twice before you throw that empty water, juice or soda bottle into the garbage or even recycling bin. Look into all the wonderful ways to incorporate these "temporary" items into permanent enjoyment. Pass these tips along to other environmentally conscious and thrifty friends.
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