Cooktop Cove: Check out these 2 gadgets that may just change the way you cook bacon
By Wendy Tanielian
While bacon remains a breakfast favorite, many today don't want to deal with the time or clean-up involved in pan frying the side strips. However, video blogger Crazy Russian Hacker puts some of the latest gadgets promising bacon taste without the mess to his video blog's consumer test.
The host appears drawn most to gadgets that serve as rack systems for the microwave. While separating the bacon strips either vertically or horizontally appears to cook the bacon evenly, the messy bacon grease collects in a reservoir tray and not on the microwave.
Crazy Russian Hacker's tips may find a welcome audience – the YouTube video already has more than 4.5 million views – as the "everything bacon" trend shows no sign of letting up any time soon.
"While there will always be hot foods of the moment, the difference here is that bacon is a standalone product, making it a more evergreen topic," food reporter Eli Ayrouth told Inc. magazine. "Essentially, bacon's popularity is built-in, while products like cronuts or ramen burgers have to evolve in waves with respect to their online popularity."
Many trace bacon's recent resurgence as a result of marketing set to overcome the "leaner" times of fat-free and nitrate-free diets. However, many feel it's a return to food that's been a multi-meal staple for many years. That means your bacon gadgets may be in use for a long time.
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