Cooktop Cove: 8+ genius tips to keep your fridge organized
By Cate Misczuk
An appliance we use daily, the refrigerator is one of the most useful things in our homes. So why is it that we treat it like that hallway closet you throw everything into, then quickly shut the door so it doesn't fall back out? Keeping the fridge tidy and organized can not only maximize space but save you time and even prevent food waste.
So, we created a quick video with some easy tips to help you better organize your fridge. They take practically no time to set up and they're going to make you wish you'd done this a long time ago. Curious what we've come up with? Be sure to check out the video and the tips here below!
1. Use plastic containers
The days of angrily shoving condiments and tupperware around the refrigerator will be long-gone thanks to this trick. Keep condiments together, jellies, spreads -- whatever is cluttering up your shelves. It's not only going to look organized but help you find things easier, too.
2. Label your drawers
If you label your drawers you're much more likely to stick to the original organization method. We suggest making a veggie drawer, dairy drawer and even a cold cuts drawer.
3. Store food in mason jars
This is adorable, right? Well, it's handy, too. By keeping extra or leftover food in mason jars they can stack and take up less space. Plus, they're easy to toss in your bag and bring to work for lunch or a snack.
4. Use a lazy susan
They might call her lazy, but she's also pretty genius. A lazy susan is perfect for storing your condoments or whatever else you reach for often in the refrigerator. You can easily open the doors, swing it around to what you need, and get back into the kitchen.
5. Use an egg carton for sauces
Your ketchup barbeque and salad dressing bottles are going to take up much less room by being turned upside down. Plus, using the egg carton means the good stuff is always going to be at the top ready to be squeezed out. This is an organizer and lifehack in one.
6. Make shelves out of magazine racks
Do you have any of these old file organizers or magazine holders lying around? Before you toss them, turn them on their side and slide them into the fridge. You can use them as shelves for much-needed storage space.
7. Create an herb box
Love using fresh herbs but have trouble finding space for them? Try one of these mini shelf organizers for all your freshly picked and chopped herbs. You can keep them wrapped neatly so they don't get squished and be sure to wrap them in paper towel, too, so they don't trap any excess moisture.
8. Make an 'eat me first' box
One of the worst things is reaching your hand to the back of the fridge only to find old, moldy and half-eaten items that were forgotten about. Prevent food waste and never deal with gross back-of-the-fridge-food ever again with this simple trick.
Other helpful tips:
- Put cling wrap on your shelves for easy and quick cleanup
- Use bins and organizers in the freezer, too
- Take a photo of your fridge before going shopping so you don't accidentally over shop
- Keep tape and a sharpie with a magnet on the fridge so you can easily label leftovers (yeah, so you never eat a-bit-too-old food ever again)
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