How to make tasty maple waffle cookies 

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It may have never occurred to you to use your waffle iron for anything other than waffles, but it is, in fact, a pretty handy baking machine. Some folks have used a waffle iron to make savory snacks like omelettes and quesadillas. Others have used it for sweet treats like cinnamon rolls and brownies. A quick Google search will yield numerous results for unorthodox waffle iron recipes. 
Tammy, the brain behind Yoyomax12, an enormously popular baking channel on YouTube, recently released a recipe for maple-cinnamon waffle cookies. Tammy's viewers were enamored with the idea and many expressed their interest in replicating the process. The recipe calls for common ingredients like butter, sugar, and eggs, all of which shouldn't require an extra trip to the store.
To get this recipe off the ground, you'll want to mix the dough ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Blend until you have a "smooth but sticky" dough. 
Form small balls of dough and drop them onto the waffle iron. You can adjust the size of the cookies depending on your desires. To cook, simply press down the waffle iron.
While those cook, gather the ingredients for the glaze and mix them together in a small bowl. The glaze calls for sugar and syrup. 
Now, take your cookies and dip them in the glaze. Let them sit so the glaze solidifies. 
Once the glaze has dried, it's time to satisfy your sweet tooth. Grab a cookie (or two) and enjoy!
You can check out a video version of the recipe below.
Print this recipe

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