13 awesome recipes that only need 3 ingredients

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Let's be real: as much as we love food, none of us have the time to make crazy complicated delicacies on a daily basis. Or, if you're like me, you're something of a disaster in the kitchen and prefer to keep things as simple as possible. Luckily, each of the following 13 recipes — for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert — only requires 3 ingredients to make.
Before you ask: no, none of the dishes below sacrifice taste for simplicity's sake. Rather, they employ clever techniques and shortcuts that make your life easier. If you want to know how to dazzle your family and friends and leave them wondering how you pulled such a feat off, scroll down.
1. Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Believe it or not, all you need for this pulled pork is pork tenderloin, root beer, and barbecue sauce. The buns are optional. See the full recipe here.
2. Peanut Butter Cups
The peanut butter and chocolate are obvious, but adding a hint of sea salt complements the flavors beautifully. Don't miss the full recipe here
3. Creamy Mac & Cheese
To make this decadently creamy macaroni and cheese, all you need is shell pasta, white cheddar, and milk. Simplicity at its finest by She Makes and Bakes.
4. Brown Sugar Bacon-Wrapped Mini Hot Dogs
When you need a party dish that’s easy to make, mini sausages are an obvious choice. The recipe below wraps them in smoky bacon and then cooks them in brown sugar so that they become crisp and glazed. The salty-sweet combination is totally addictive. Get the full recipe here.
5. Individual Parmesan Hash Browns Cups
Tater tots for grown-ups? What could be better? All it takes is some shredded potatoes, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. Bonus points for adding spices, but we understand if you don't have time for that. See how The Yummy Life does it here
6. Coconut Macaroons
Making these macaroons is so easy, it almost feels wrong. Be prepared to baffle your friends when you announce that these goodies only consist of three ingredients — shredded coconut, condensed milk, and vanilla extract. Southern Food shows you how to make them. 
7. Peach Dump Cake
Cooktop Cove
Dump cake may not sound like the most appetizing name for a dessert, but busy cooks will fall head over heels for this when they see how easy it is. All you need are three basic ingredients to make a delicious dish your family and friends will love. The following peach dump cake doesn't disappoint, but you can also try the recipe with another fruit, if peaches don't suit your fancy. Get the full recipe here.
8. Mozzarella Sticks
With just string cheese, egg roll wrappers, and an egg, these mozzarella sticks are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Pair with your favorite marinara or spaghetti sauce. The recipe is from Mommy Savers.
9. Honey Mustard Chicken Tenders
In an act of pure genuis, these boneless skinless chicken tenderloins are breaded with honey mustard-flavored pretzels and honey mustard dressing. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely intrigued. Check the whole recipe at Cooking with Cakes
10. Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers
Veggie burger patties may not be the recipe thing that comes to mind when you think of easy recipes, but this recipe requires just sweet potatoes, white beans, and panko breading. Feel free to add as many toppings as you wish or do it as explained by Lunch Box Bunch.
11. Glazed Coca-Cola Chicken
Coca-cola and chicken are delicious separately, so it only makes sense that they would work well together. Add some soy sauce and you've got yourself a tasty meal. Find the step by step at Instructables
12. Southern Biscuits
This classic recipe for fluffy, flaky biscuits brings it back to basics and only requires self-rising flour, shortening, and milk or buttermilk. Southern Plate has the recipe. 
13. Peanut Butter Mousse
Who hasn't been tempted to eat a spoonful of peanut butter straight out of the jar? Luckily, this recipe (coconut whipped cream,  peanut butter, and your favorite sweetener) requires barely any effort to make. Minimalist Baker knows how to do it. 
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