How to make speculoos dessert gnocchi  

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You've probably seen it on the shelves at your local grocery store. Maybe it's sitting in your pantry right now. Maybe you've never come across this trendy treat, but once you indulge, you'll be hooked. We're talking about speculoos spread, perhaps more commonly known as cookie butter.
According to Bon Appétit, the spread is typically made up of crushed spice cookies, some sort of fat, and plenty of sugar. Long before cookie butter became a phenomenon in the United States it was considered a "winter staple across Europe." Thanks to its popularity, it's also become a staple of many decadent desserts.
Take, for example, Katie Quinn's speculoos dessert gnocchis. To get started on this treat, Quinn crushes speculoos cookies in a Ziploc bag.
Then she mixes in the gnocchi ingredients: an egg and two spoonfuls of crème fraîche. Mix these components for a minute before adding flour.
Now that you have your gnocchi batter, spoon it into a piping bag. Then, as demonstrated below, cut gnocchi squares into a pot of boiling water.
Boil until the gnocchi has floated at the top for about a minute.
Sautée the gnocchi in butter until brown.
Add a dollop of crème fraîche on top and sprinkle on some cinnamon. Time to feast!
A video of Quinn's recipe is featured below.
Resources Tastemade and Bon Appetit
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