Make mini banana cream cookie pies in a few simple stepsĀ 

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Taking popular dessert items and making them miniature in size seems to be a trend these days for bakers. It may or may not make for a more meticulous baking process, but it adds a certain visual element to the dish and will help with portion control. Walk into any bakery or pastry shop and you'll likely see the display case filled with bite-size sweet treats.
Lilly Childers, a home chef who's shared a handful of recipes on YouTube, has jumped on this finger food trend. She recently featured a recipe for mini banana cream pie cookie cups on her channel. If you're as intrigued by this as we were, grab a bunch of bananas and follow along.
To get this recipe rolling, fill the cupcake holders with balls of cookie dough and bake. Don't forget to spray the pan with anti-stick coating of some sort.
Once they're out of the oven - but before the dough cools - press a shot glass into each cupcake holder. They should look like cups after this step.
Now, spoon in the banana cream pudding into each cup. You can make this at home or buy instant at the store.
Top each cup with a banana slice and dollop of whip cream.
Dig in!
A simple video version of the recipe can be viewed below.
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