Easy way to make apple pie cupcakes

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You may have heard the phrase 'American as apple pie' before, but the truth is, apple pie was around long before America. In fact, What's Cooking America says that the first record of an apple pie recipe dates all the way back to the 14th century. Though the recipe was different - namely, there was no sugar - the heart of it is very much the same.
Today, centuries after that first recipe was transcribed, the fruit-filled treat is still as popular as ever. Most people prefer the classic apple pie, but plenty of chefs and bakers have put their own spin on the sweet treat. With the rising popularity of cupcakes, why not shrink down an apple pie in size?
To get started on these apple pie cupcakes, you'll first want to get your batter in order.
Then add cupcake liners to your pan and spoon in the batter.
Add the apple pie filling on top. You can use a store-bought filling or make it at home.
Now it's time to bake the cupcakes.
Add caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream and enjoy!
The full recipe is available below.
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