How to make apple pie cookies 

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Perhaps the most iconic dessert in the United States is the apple pie. What's Cooking America suggests that the first recipe for apple pie, albeit slightly different from the one we know today, appeared in the 1300s. When sugar was more accessible in the coming centuries, the apple pie recipe began to take shape.
So how do you put a twist on a recipe that's been around for hundreds of years? It certainly poses a challenge for bakers who are trying to break the mold, but their creative endeavors have resulted in some superb sweet treats. Check out a recipe for apple pie cookies below.
To start, roll the dough out.
Spoon the apple pie mix on top and distribute evenly.
Form a lattice layer over the top.
Cut circles out of your pseudo apple pie, put them on a tray and top with butter and sugar.
Bake and enjoy!
A video version of the recipe is featured below.
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