An easy way to make Funfetti cookies stuffed with OreosĀ 

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Funfetti cake is all the rage these days. There's something enticing about all the colors of the rainbow coming together in one treat. Plus, it makes for a pretty cool Instagram picture. It's nearly impossible to walk into the dessert section of a grocery store or into a pastry shop with seeing some sort of Funfetti delicacy.
If you haven't jumped on the Funfetti bandwagon just yet, perhaps you ought to give it a try. Funfetti cake mixes are often very sweet, so they might not be suitable for those with a casual sweet tooth. If you can't escape sugar's calling, then these Oreo stuffed Funfetti cake mix cookies are right up your alley. 
To begin, mix the cake batter together in a large mixing bowl.
Separate the batter into balls and flatten them. Then place an Oreo onto the dough and fold it over to cover the cookie.
Line the cookies on a tray and stick them in the oven.
Let them cool before enjoying your colorful creation. Check out the full recipe below.
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