How to make strawberry fraisier cake

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Fraisier cake is a French delicacy that is typically made up sponge cake, strawberries, and custard of some sort. The tasty treat is said to be served at weddings, birthdays, and other such ceremonies. There are variations of the recipe, in which bakers will use different fruits, but the classic recipe calls for strawberries. After all, 'fraisier' is the French word for strawberry.
If you've never come across this cake before, you really ought to give it a try. If it's not available at your local pastry shop, then you can whip it up at home. Ann Reardon, of the ever popular YouTube cooking channel How To Cook That, posted a fraisier cake recipe tutorial which you can see in all of its glory below.
To kick this recipe off, mix the sponge cake ingredients together and spread a thin layer onto a baking sheet. Now it's time for the oven.
While the base bakes, mix the custard filling ingredients together.
Once your sponge cake is out of the oven, cut small circles from it and lay them as the base in baking pan cups.
Stand strawberry slices against the sides of each cup.
Now, pipe the custard filling over the cakes.
Layer more strawberries on top and then add a second sponge cake circle. Once put together, stick your cakes in the fridge.
Once they're out, enjoy! Check out the full video recipe below.
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