Fun way to make ice cream cupcakes with edible cake linerĀ 

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Spring is officially here, and there's no better way to commemorate the start of a new season than with cupcakes. Cupcakes and other bite-size treats are all the rage these days, especially considering the rise in health conscious consumers. Indulging in one cupcake is surely a better option than tackling one or two large slices of cake.
But enough with all that healthy talk. Below we have a recipe courtesy of My Cupcake Addiction that will have any sweets lover drooling. These colorful ice cream cupcakes are perfect for the start of spring as temperatures begin to rise. If you're intrigued, follow along with the recipe below.
To start, mix the cake ingredients together.
Spoon a small amount of cake batter into each liner and pop them into the oven.
While those cook, coat the other batch of liners with melted chocolate (as shown below). Once that step is done, stick the liners in the fridge in order for the chocolate to set.
Remove the paper liners from the set chocolate.
Place baked cake circles into the base of the chocolate liners.
Now, layer thawed ice cream on top and freeze the cupcakes until the ice cream is hardened.
Add desired toppings and enjoy!
For more details on this recipe, watch the video below or visit MyCupcakeAddiction YouTube channel.
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