Family-friendly creamy chicken pasta from scratch

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For many families, dinner can be a hassle. What the adults like, the kids loathe, and sometimes one wastes more time thinking about what to cook than cooking. The slow cooker is very helpful when it comes to freeing your time to run other errands or simply relax while dinner cooks. However, you still need a recipe that will be approved by the pickiest eater in the family without hurting the flavor other members of the family love.
In a very easy-to-follow recipe video, Myah&Mommy demonstrates how to easily make a family-friendly dinner that is sure to please both adults and kids: slow cooked creamy chicken Italian pasta. For this recipe you'll need: 
— Chicken breasts (the amount depends on the size of your family or how big an appetite they have!)
— 3/4 cup chicken broth
— Italian salad dressing mix
— 1/2 cup onion (you can also use pre-chopped or even frozen onion)
— a couple chopped garlic cloves 
— macaroni (or whichever pasta you prefer)
— 8 ounces of cream cheese
— Cream of Chicken soup 
Now, to get started, cut your chicken breasts into small cubes and add them to the slow cooker after spraying it with some cooking spray so it doesn't stick. Add the Italian salad dressing mix (7 ounces should be enough). Then, salt and pepper to taste. 
Add 1/4 cup of chicken broth and cook it on low for 4 hours. 
To make this pasta deliciously creamy, it's time to add the sauce. Myah&Mommy starts by browning the onion and a little bit of minced garlic in a pan. Then, she adds 1/2 cup of chicken broth, the Cream of Chicken soup, and the cream cheese and mixes everything together. Finally, she adds the mixture to the slow cooker and stirs it together with the chicken. 
In order to avoid this step, you could also add everything directly to the slow cooker once your chicken is ready. Let it cook together on low for 1 hour. 
Finally, boil the noodles as you usually do and add them to the slow cooker. By boiling the pasta, you would avoid having it turn into mush, something that can easily happen when you cook pasta directly in the slow cooker. However, a lot of people feel it's easier to just cook everything together in the slow cooker. If you're one of those, One Dish Dinners explains how — and much more important, when to add the pasta to the recipe: with regular pasta, you should add it when there are only 30 minutes left. However, as One Dish Dinners warns, if you're using quick-cook pasta, approximately 20 minutes would be enough. 
Voilá! Here's your creamy chicken pasta. Myah&Mommy likes to serve it with some greens and garlic bread, but you could serve it with some salad or even soup! Whatever makes you happy at dinner. 
For a video of Myah&Mommy's recipe, see below. 
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This recipe calls for linguine, but you can also substitute in raw penne pasta.
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