5 Potato Recipes for the Slow Cooker

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Marie Antoinette was said to have pinned potato blossoms to her hair in an attempt to inspire the citizens of France to eat this strange new species. She was certainly onto something, as it now seems preposterous that anyone might have ever needed convincing to eat one of the most delicious and varietal vegetables out there.
Potatoes are the ultimate ingredient when it comes to cooking meals that are both low-cost and high-comfort.  Potatoes can serve as a fantastic side dish to your favorite protein, or provide you with a hearty feast all on their own. These amazing potato recipes for your slow cooker are sure to play the starring role on any dinner table…just be sure to make enough for second helpings!
These garlic parmesan potatoes from Damn Delicious are a perfect side dish for any meal. Baby Dutch potatoes work amazingly well for this recipe, but if you’re looking to use up some pantry items, larger potatoes can be cut into smaller pieces for a similar result. Just be aware that your cooking time may have to be adjusted depending on the size of your potatoes. Once ready, open your slow cooker to find these beauties cooked to perfection—herbaceous, crispy and golden!
To maximize their finger-licking potential, we suggest taking Chungah's advice, “When ready to serve, go ahead and sprinkle on that freshly grated parmesan.”
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Hasselback potatoes have been gracing our dinner tables since they were first brought over from Swedish kitchens in the 18th century. There’s a clear reason why these sumptuous stuffed treats have stood the test of time—they’re simple to prepare, absolutely delicious, and wholesome enough to be eaten as a meal on their own. These delectable hasselback potatoes from Better Recipes are sure to satiate all of your food cravings. Indulgence has never looked so impressive.
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Mashed potatoes are a brilliant slow cooker side dish, as they take half the effort of the standard method, while the ‘low and slow’ approach will ensure that your potatoes are softened to perfection. Fantastic to pair with pork, beef or chicken; making an extra batch of these mashed potatoes will never go amiss. This stand-out recipe from Life in the Lofthouse calls for butter, milk and cream cheese—giving you the dreamiest, steamiest, creamiest mashed potatoes that you have ever tasted!
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They may sound fancy, but these potatoes au gratin from Chelsea’s Messy Apron couldn’t be simpler to execute. This recipe calls for thinly sliced potatoes doused in sour cream and cheddar…need we say more? A great dish to pair with steak or chicken, these cheesy morsels are sure to impress all of your dinner guests!
Chelsea offers us a fantastic tip for cooking potatoes in your slow cooker, ‘The secret to keeping these from getting soggy? Top your crockpot with a few layers of paper towels! The paper towels absorb lots of liquid which keeps the potatoes from getting soggy. I change out the paper towels halfway through the cooking time because by that time they are completely wet through.“
Try Chelsea’s technique with the full recipe here
Potato Soup is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of potato recipes for the slow cooker, but this incredible potato soup recipe from Gimme Some Oven is a winning addition to the family repertoire. Warm and comforting; this soup provides you with the heartiness of a perfect stew with the thickness of a rich chowder. This soup is best served with fresh scallions, grated cheddar, sour cream and crispy bacon. For a fun family meal, let the little ones wear the chef hats and add their own toppings!
Ali prefers serving the soup with crispy bacon on top, “You can either fry the bacon, cook it in the microwave, or buy pre-cooked bacon.  If frying or microwaving, I recommend dicing the bacon before cooking it.  And if you are frying it, I highly recommend saving the bacon grease for later and then using it to make your roux (instead of butter).”
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These scrumptious potato dishes epitomize everything that we love about slow cookers; they provide simple, cheap, and delicious meals that are sure to supply you with a lifetime’s worth of happy food memories!
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