Try these 6+ slow cooker chicken breast recipes

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Chicken breasts are always a fantastic option when it comes to your slow cookers. They’re cheap, incredibly adaptable, and when cooked correctly can produce some of the most memorable dishes out there. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate this family staple with these incredible slow cooker chicken breast recipes.
1. Slow cooker creamy ranch chicken (h/t Life in the Lofthouse)
Some dishes are so comforting that they can feel like we’ve been enjoying them for our entire lives—even if we’re just tasting them for the first time. This recipe is just that. Tender chicken breasts and delicious veggies perfectly blend with a creamy ranch sauce to make a dish that you will be sure to remember.
2. Slow cooker honey garlic chicken (h/t Le Creme de La Crumb)
We love a good blend of sweet, spicy and savory all in one dish—and this recipe definitely doesn’t disappoint.This brilliant take on an Asian classic calls for soy sauce, honey and sriracha to make for a fabulous dinner that will rival its restaurant equivalents!
3. Slow cooker sweet-spicy pineapple chicken
If you've never worked with sweet chili sauce, this is a great opportunity to snag a bottle. It's an essential ingredient for making many Asian-style chicken dishes, and I even use it for making sweet and spicy salad dressing. I like using the Mae Ploy brand of sweet chili sauce, but Thai Kitchen brand works well too. You can found it in the Asian section of your local grocery store. Get the full recipe here.
4. Slow cooker peanut butter chicken (h/t Wholesomelicious)
We are always so entranced by fantastic peanut butter dishes—and this recipe is one of the best that we’ve come across. With the peanut butter beautifully blended with simple ingredients such as soy sauce, honey and chicken broth, this dinner will leave you speechless!
For serving suggestions, Amy says, “We love to serve this among a bowl of rice and some roasted vegetables. Broccoli, red bell peppers,and carrots are great options here. If your weeknights are super busy like ours, dinner can be ready in no time at all!”
5. Slow cooker balsamic chicken (h/t Damn Delicious)
Allow yourself to be serenaded by this insightful recipe for Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken. It’s the type of dinner that we can often only dream about—succulent, flavorful, bold and bright—and with only 5 ingredients along with some standard pantry spices needed, this is sure to become a main-staple on the dinner calendar!
6. Slow cooker salsa verde chicken (h/t Diethood)
Sometimes,a hot chicken dish in the summer doesn’t always cut it—they can often feel weighty and too rich for the lighthearted season. This recipe easily remedies this problem with a light, vibrant dish packed with fresh herbal notes. We love serving this dish on a warm summer evening—summer is the season of greenery, after all!
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