Add broccoli to a slow cooker that'll make everyone start begging for more

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Chicken broccoli alfredo is a classic favorite because of its simple yet delicious flavors, and relative ease to make. Many times people pop this mixture in the oven to get a nice crispy, and creamy finish on top of the pasta - but this slow cooker recipe is even easier, and doesn't require a big oven that's going to heat up the whole house.
What's great about this recipe too is that while it's creator, Beautiful Soul, uses mushrooms and broccoli - you can switch it up with whatever veggies you like. For example, you could use pea's instead of broccoli, or ditch the mushrooms altogether.
Chicken breasts
8oz of mushrooms, sliced
1 (15oz) jar of alfredo sauce
1 (16 oz) bag of fusilli pasta 
1 head of broccoli 
Getting started
1. Place chicken in your slow cooker, throw sliced mushrooms on top, and pour in your alfredo pot.
2. Cover, and cook on high for 2-3 hours, or low for 4-6. 
3. With your chicken cooked, break it up with a wooden spatula while stirring. 
*If your mixture is soupy, add cornstarch in and stir until it thickens to your desired texture and let it cook for another 15 minutes to also help the thickening process. 
4. Add broccoli to the slow cooker by laying it right on top so that it steams. This should take 10-15 mins or desired texture. Then, mix it in with your sauce mixture.
5. Cook your pasta, and pour your amazingly creamy sauce right on top. You can also cook your pasta and mix it into the sauce before you do the broccoli so that it soaks up some of those amazing flavors.
Serve it alongside some nice crunchy buttered bread, and a crisp cold salad.  Check out the video below to see this recipe in action!
Resources Beautiful Soul
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