An easy and effective method for cleaning underneath your refrigerator 

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When cleaning the kitchen you probably focus on wiping down counters, disinfecting handles, vacuuming crumbs, and wiping down messes from the microwave. But, there's one aspect of your kitchen cleaning routine that you might be missing out on - and that's cleaning the underneath of your fridge.
The grill that's in place let's air flow in and out of this crevice to help keep the coils working. But, vents in the grill also allow tons of dust a grime to build up in this area, which can ultimately impair how well your refrigerator works. It's important to pop the grill open and clean this area out - so we've found a great DIY to help you get this done quickly, and easily.
1. Remove grill 
Make sure to move any mats or rugs that are lying in front of the bottom grill of your fridge. Open the refrigerator doors, firmly grab the grill on both sides with your hands, then gently wiggle it off. It should easily unhook on both sides, allowing you to pull it outwards. 
2. Use a coil cleaning brush to remove dust from underneath 
With your doors now closed, grab a coil cleaning brush and start loosening all the dust off of the coils. You should be bringing them right to the front of the grill - reaching as far back with the brush as you can.
3. Use a vacuum to clean what wasn't picked up by coil brush
Vacuum your coil brush off, then stick your nozzle inside and pick up everything the brush loosened up. Make sure to go over the coils, the corners, and every cranny where some of that dust might have fallen.
4. Wash grill in bathtub and snap back onto fridge 
The bathtub is a good place because it's nice a big - but you can use a sink too. Rinse the grill off, then clean it up with some cleaning solution or bleach to disinfect it - remember to get both sides. Let it sit with the solution on it for a few minutes, then scrub it with a sponge or cloth, and rinse.  Then, let it air dry, or dry it off with a cloth.
Finally, pop your grill right back into place and you're finished. This project is quick, easy, and going to make your fridge function better. Check out the quick video below to help get you started.
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