Begin with plain chicken breasts, end up with a casserole dinner everyone will love

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Chicken is touted as the healthy white meat, and broccoli is said to be the healthiest vegetable. Combine these two healthy foods together with a handful of ingredients in a casserole, and you get a tasty, healthy meal. You can succeed in getting your family to eat and enjoy broccoli without feeling guilty.
Several variations of the chicken and broccoli casserole exist. This makes adapting the recipe to your individual needs a lot simpler. The two main ingredients are, of course, broccoli and chicken. However, The Pinning Mama's recipe stands out thanks to its simplicity, that allows you to make this dinner fast, but guarantees great results at the same time.   
 The Pinning Mama and Campbell's Kitchen recommend serving the dish on rice. Another possible variation of this dish is placing the rice in the casserole dish before with the rest of the ingredients, like Food Network or Well Plated do. The Pinning Mama says that if you want to lower the carbohydrate count, you can even serve the dish on sauteed spinach, or you can replace the white rice with brown rice like Food Network uses. 
For the sauce, The Pinning Mama uses Campbell's Cheesy Broccoli Chicken Oven Sauce or Campbell's Broccoli Cheese Soup. Food Network uses cream of chicken soup, sour cream and mayonnaise. Well Plated puts its own spin on the sauce by substituting the soup with Greek yogurt, milk and Dijon mustard. If you're worried about fat, Campbell's Kitchen recommends using fat free cream of chicken or Campbell's Healthy Request Cream of Chicken Soup. You can check out The Pinning Mama's step by step recipe on her website
Top your casserole off with a layer of cheddar cheese. If you want some added crunch to your casserole, you can add a layer of bread crumbs to the top. Bake your casserole and serve it hot to your family. Finding the right spin on this recipe means you can get your loved ones to eat their broccoli without complaint. 
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