Try out these 10+ fantastic meatball recipes for your slow cooker

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It’s no secret that meatballs are one of the most fantastic foods made in a slow cooker. A classic Italian meatball feast is the perfect centerpiece on any dinner table. But to be a huge success, a meatball dinner doesn't have to be as traditional as we think.
Whether they’re served over creamy mashed potatoes, paired with fluffy white rice or made to fill an out-of-this-world meatball hero—these five amazing meatball recipes for your slow cooker are sure to knock the whole family off of their feet!
1. Mozzarella-stuffed meatballs
Classics are classics for a reason—they’re absolutely delicious! While this recipe from Crème de la Crumb may not be the most traditional dish we’ve ever seen, the playful twist on the quintessential Italian meatball classic is sure to blow you away!
2. Teriyaki meatballs
Teriyaki sauce. It's sticky, it's sweet, it's tangy. It's everything you need in a sauce. Pouring it over meatballs and letting it all slowly cook together really "beefs" up the sauce's flavor, and finishing everything off with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and green onions makes this dish a true masterpiece. Get the recipe here.
3. Honey buffalo meatballs
There are some nights we wish for just any excuse to eat buffalo wings for dinner! With this recipe, you can harness everything you love about spicy buffalo wings within the heartiness of a perfectly-cooked meatball. It's a yummy dinner dish served over rice or a mouth-watering snack served with a cool blue cheese dip. These tender morsels are built to impress. Get the full recipe here.
4. Spicy cranberry barbecue meatballs
It’s hard to believe that something as delicious as these meatballs from Yellow Bliss Road require only three ingredients to prepare. Believe it or not, these incredible meatballs are perfectly suited to the slow cooker and come out sweet, sticky and packed with punch. This is one dish not to be missed!
5. Meatball stew
For a cool summer night at home with the family, try something new--an amazing meatball stew from Family Fresh Meals. This delectable meatball soup is full of tender veggies and wonderfully meaty morsels—perfect as either a hearty meal served with crusty bread or a light snack for the little ones! Feel free to play around with different vegetables, depending on your personal preference. Whenever possible, we recommend using fresh meatballs in your slow cooker and reducing the cooking time by 30 minutes.
6. Buffalo ranch turkey meatballs
Slow cooker buffalo ranch turkey meatballs give you all the flavor of hot buffalo wings without the added fat or the need to deep fry. And they're also great when you're entertaining and need a way to keep the appetizers warm while you're greeting guests at the door. In this recipe, you get all that goodness as well as the cooling flavor of ranch dressing baked right in. Get the recipe here.
7. Spaghetti and meatballs
Spaghetti and meatballs is a classic dish that's both tasty and filling. If you don't like spending too much time in the kitchen, or you already have a whole plethora of things on your to-do list, this easy slow cooker spaghetti recipe is perfect for you. Get the recipe here.
8. Cheeseburger meatball sliders
Everyone loves burgers. There's something about making them small enough to fit in just one hand that makes them even more irresistible. Now imagine if you took those small sliders and subbed out the burger for a meatball or two, then gave them the royal treatment by smothering them in marinara sauce and cheese. It's definitely hard to resist. Get the recipe here.
9. Sweet and sour meatballs
Looking for an easy but delicious dinner idea? Look no further! These slow cooker sweet-and-sour meatballs are sweet and tangy. They have the usual flavors you would expect from a Chinese restaurant, but no food coloring! Get the recipe here.
10. Spicy BBQ meatballs
Keep some meatballs on hand in your freezer, and you'll have a weekday meal that requires zero effort any time you need one. You can easily toss frozen meatballs into the slow cooker, and their texture is perfect when they come out hours later. From there, you can add just about any sauce you want, but this spicy barbecue sauce is a constant favorite! Get the recipe here.
11. Jelly meatballs
This slow cooker meatball recipe calls for BBQ sauce and grape jelly. Grape jelly? Yep! It's the easiest sweet-and-sour meatball dish you will ever make! Get the recipe here.
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