Does your slow cooker make the list? Here are the top 7 on the market

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For those who live a busy life yet want to eat home-cooked meals, simplicity is the key. Sometimes, being able to start the meal early in the morning so that it is ready to eat when you get home is the only way people are going to be able to eat. Finding ways to increase your efficiency in the kitchen becomes your battle cry.
In this article, we cover:
- Top 7 slow cookers
- Top 20 slow cooker accessories
- Top 25 time-saving kitchen tools
Top 7 slow cookers
1. Cuisinart 3-in-1 Slow Cooker
This cooker is versatile! At the hit of a button, you can brown meat, sauté and slow cook -- all in one device. Keep in mind, most slow cookers don't have the "browning" feature at all. It also has a removable liner, so it's easy to clean. Who doesn't love multi-functional abilities? It's available for purchase here.
2. Crock-Pot 6-quart programmable slow cooker
This slow cooker is programmable and includes a 'keep warm' setting, and the lid also locks into place to reduce any messes, making it easy to carry. The 6-quart size makes it very versatile (yes, you can make a 6-lb roast).
On top of that, this slow cooker has been tested in our Cooktop Cove Test Kitchen. We've made this wonderful pork and gravy recipe with it.
This slow cooker is available for purchase here.
3. Bella Dots slow cooker
The Bella Dots cooker has a timer option as well. Unlike some of its competitors, this one is ceramic and can be great entry level gift for a family and friend who is interested in joining the slow cooker revolution! Plus, it comes in fun colors. The Bella Dots slow cooker is available for purchase here.
4. Small Hamilton Beach 3-quart slow cooker
For those with smaller families, this Crock-pot is only three quarts in size. With a removable crock, it's simple to clean and place on the table for serving. This Hamilton Beach slow cooker is available for purchase here.
5. Crock-pot Next Generation Slow Cooker
Made for overseas (non-U.S.) use, this slow cooker's 5-liter capacity is perfect for feeding large groups. Its crock is oven safe, microwaveable safe and dishwasher safe. It's available for purchase here.
6. 5-quart Hamilton Beach Stay and Go Slow Cooker
This slow cooker is programmable like its peers, and on top of that very affordable. It has latched handles which ensures all the heat is actually secured into the slow cooker. The 5-quart size also makes it very versatile. Available for purchase here.
This slow cooker also has been heavily tested in Cooktop Cove's Test Kitchen, and we can safely say it hasn't let us down (We cook many slow cooker meals in a given day). You can see this slow cooker in action in this recipe.
7. Westinghouse Stainless Steel Digital 7-Quart Slow Cooker
This slow cooker features a digital touch control panel, programmable settings, 3 different heat settings, and an auto "keep warm" setting.
This slow cooker also has been heavily tested in Cooktop Cove's Test Kitchen, and a go-to our team actively uses. See this slow cooker in action in this recipe.
Top 20 slow cooker accessories
1. Slow cooker liners
Perfect for simple clean-up, placing a liner in the crock means you don't have to wash the Crock-pot when you're done.
Purchase it here.
2. Slow cooker yogurt maker
If your family is big into yogurt, having a yogurt maker would be great. With the slow cooker yogurt maker, you can start your yogurt in the morning and have it finished in the evening.
Purchase it here.
3. Travel bag
Often, Crock-pots are put to use for potlucks, and potlucks mean carrying in food. The 7-quart travel bag is designed to keep the food warm and safe while traveling to the end destination.
Purchase it here.
4. Heat-resistant oven mitts
Lifting the hot center crock out of any slow cooker can be tricky. Heat-resistant oven mitts have grip, so you won't drop the crock, and they will keep you from burning your hands at the same time.
Purchase these gloves here.
5. Gravy Warmer
This is a warming crock, perfect for keeping your sauces warm. The server is removable, so it's easy to pour the sauce out.
Purchase it here.
6. Slow cooker lid holders
If you have a number of Crock-pots out, a slow cooker lid holder keeps the lids with the correct pots without taking up valuable counter space.
Purchase it here.
7. Triple dipper
The triple dipper has three removable crocks. It's ideal for keeping hors d'oeuvres warm at a party. The crocks are dishwasher safe.
Purchase it here.
8. Connectable entertainment center
The entertainment center allows you to mix and match the number of slow cookers you want to have together. This set-up is perfect for parties.
Purchase it here.
9. Crock-It-Lock-It with Ladle
Perfectly designed to lock down your Crock-pot, the Crock-It-Lock-It should keep the slow cooker contents from spilling during transit. Right now it comes with a serving ladle.
Purchase it here.
10. Double dipper
If you want to make a meal that has two courses, the double dipper is the way to go. The liner is divided so that you can fix two things in one device.
Purchase it here.
11. Slow cooker temperature probe
To ensure that meat is thoroughly cooked, Hamilton Beach has come out with a temperature probe.
Get the probe here.
12. Steamer
For those who like to eat steamed vegetables and fish, a steamer insert is available for eight-inch Crock-pots.
Buy the steamer here.
13. Silicone sealing rim
If your seal on your lid wears out, a replacement silicone sealing rim can come in really handy.
Buy them here.
14. Paul Wilson's "A World of Slow Cooking: 200 Award-Winning Slow Cooker Recipes for Every Home Kitchen"
Since Crock-pots are so wonderful to cook with, having an unending supply of recipes is rather nice. A number of slow cooker recipe cookbooks are on the market, but this one is an award-winning one, so it should have some excellent recipes inside.
Buy the book here.
15. Paul Wilson's "Sugar-Free Crock Pot: 25 Diabetes-Friendly Recipes To Eat Right And Love Every Second Of It!"
Wilson has put out a second slow cooker recipe book for those with diabetes.
Buy it here.
16. Heath Semple's "60 of the Best Slow Cooker Soup Recipes for Healthy Living"
For those who want to be extra careful about how they eat, Semple has a recipe book for healthy living.
Buy it here.
17. Allison Jordan's "Gluten-Free Slow Cooker: Nourishing meals made easy"
Those who have to have a gluten-free diet can also find great Crock-pot recipes in Jordan's cookbook.
Purchase it here.
18. Jennifer Palmer's "Slow Cooker Dump Dinners: 5-Ingredient Recipes for Meals That (Practically) Cook Themselves (Best Ever)"
Since Crock-pots are generally used by those who are pressed for time, Palmer's recipe book is ideal for Crock-pot users since her recipes only use five ingredients.
Purchase it here.
19. Slow cooker meat rack
To keep your meat from sitting in the fat in the bottom of your Crock-pot as it cooks, a meat rack is needed. The one below is flexible and can be bent to accommodate the needs of most types of meat.
Purchase meat rack here.
20. Silicone non-stick rack
If you like to keep things simple, the silicone rack can't be bent. It just sits in the bottom of the crock, and the food sits on top. Since it's silicone, it is easy to clean.
Purchase it here.
Top 25 time-saving kitchen tools
1. Silicone pour spout
Once you get your meat out of the slow cooker, pouring the juice out without a mess can be a challenge. The silicone pour spout fits on the edge for a mess-free dump into another container.
Purchase it here.
2. Reusable baggies washer for the dishwasher
Trying to be good stewards of the world we live in means that we keep as much plastic out of the landfills as possible. Reusable baggie washers let you place your baggies in the dishwasher so they can be thoroughly cleaned and reused.
Purchase it here.
3. Bottles and baggies drying rack
Since most homemakers like to save money, the bottle and baggy drying rack is great for drying those items washed by hand without taking up tons of counter space.
Buy it here.
4. Home canning kit
The home canning kit and cookbook is an excellent way to get homemakers' feet wet in the fine art of canning, a healthy way to eat.
Buy it here.
5. Vegetable Spiralizer
Since time is of the essence in prepping food for cooking, the vegetable spiralizer will have your veggies prepped and ready to go in no time.
Buy it here.
6. Mandoline slicer
Another great tool in food prep. for slow cookers is the Mandoline slicer. It allows you to quickly and easily slice your vegetables to throw into your Crock-pot.
Buy it here.
7. Popcorn maker
Those who like slow cookers may also be interested in being able to pop their own popcorn in the microwave.
Buy it here.
8. Meat thermometer and pulled pork claws
Meat cooked in a slow cooker is super tender and easy to shred, but having the proper utensils makes the job go even faster. Meat claws will allow you to shred the meat really fast without burning your hands.
Buy it here.
9. Hand-free bag holder
Pouring left-over soup into a baggie can be really tricky. The bag holders allow you to pour liquids into the bags without making a mess.
Want this hand-free bag holder? Buy it here.
10. Baking rack
If silicone makes you uncomfortable, the metal baking rack will accomplish the same thing of keeping meat and vegetables out of the fat while cooking.
Buy it here.
11. Reusable containers
Reusable containers are great for packing lunches and dinners for people who go to work. They're also great for storing leftovers.
Buy it here.
12. Stainless steel peeler
Since a lot of slow cooker recipes require vegetables, having quality utensils for prepping food is important. This stainless steel peeler is great for peeling carrots, potatoes, and other vegetables.
Buy it here.
13. Knife sharpener
Of course, cutting vegetables is also a part of slow cooking, so being able to keep your knives sharp is important for speed and safety. Having your own sharpener will save you time and money.
Buy it here.
14. Sushi making kit
If you enjoy cooking, you may also enjoy making your own sushi. Cooking anything at home is both healthier and saves money.
Buy it here.
15. Freezer labels
If you cook large portions in your Crock-pot, freezing the extras so you can pull them out later for an easy meal is a great use of the leftovers. Freezer labels allow you to mark what the leftovers are and when they were made so that the food is easy to recognize.
Buy it here.
16. Freezing containers
Freezing leftovers can be tricky. Trying to keep them from getting freezer burn takes skill and the right containers. Using containers that are made for freezing will help keep your food tasting as fresh as it did when you first cooked it.
Buy it here.
17. Stir tower
If you have the slow cooker yogurt maker, the stir tower is great for helping mix it, so it comes out perfect.
Buy it here.
18. Microwave rice cooker
Since the main meal is being cooked in the Crock-pot throughout the day, having an easy way to make the sides makes the rest of the meal easy to finish off. A microwave rice cooker will take the time out of finishing the rice to go with your meal.
Buy it here.
19. Microwave egg cooker and poacher
Microwaves speed up the cooking of all foods. Using it to cook your eggs allows you to have a quick, healthy breakfast in the morning. Having the right equipment to do the eggs keeps them from being rubbery.
Buy it here.
20. Reusable silicone suction lids
When warming up your frozen, leftover Crock-pot meals, having food covers to keep the food from splattering the inside of the microwave will save you clean-up time. These silicone suction lids fit most bowls and are supposed to seal so that they keep the splatter inside the container.
Buy it here.
21. 3-Way Non-Stick Skillet
The 3-way skillet allows you to quickly finish any sides for a meal. Since you can do three things at once, you cut down on dirty dishes. The non-stick surface makes cleaning a breeze.
Buy it here.
22. 4-way non-stick bakeware
The 4-way bakeware is the same idea. Four different items can be baked in one dish. No flavors will be mixed as each item has its own compartment. The non-stick surface is easy to clean.
Buy it here.
23. Divided omelette and poacher skillet
If you have a division in the ranks as to what your family wants for breakfast, a divided skillet allows you to cook an omelette and poach eggs at the same time, saving you time.
Buy it here.
24. Aluminum pasta cooker
The divisions in the pasta cooker make cooking several types of pasta at once easy. This is perfect to go with your divided Crock-pot. Having more than one type of sauce to go with your noodles means quick and easy variety.
Buy it here.
25. Microwave pasta cooker
Rather than waiting for the water to boil on the stove top, a microwave pasta cooker speeds up the process. Again, it's perfect for fixing pasta to go with a slow cooker sauce.
However you like to cook, saving time in the kitchen means more time to spend with the ones you love. Investing in quality kitchen utensils, pots, pans and cookware means that you can turn out great tasting food with as little frustration as possible.
Buy it here.
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