'Vacuum seal' your food without a machine – two easy methods

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Searching for ways to keep your food fresh, but not wanting to invest in an expensive food sealer? There are low-cost solutions for packing your food without the machine that prove to be thrifty, yet effective options.
First, it's important to understand why sealed food is a better solution than the original packaging. According to Ready Nutrition, there are many benefits to sealing food, such as protecting your food from early contamination and saving space in your food storage areas. Not to mention, Money Crashers reminds us of the threat of freezer burn when perfectly good food is spoiled due to exposure to air.
While vacuum sealing is definitely a great option or preserving food, there is still the cost and space associated with the sealing machines. However, there is a number of sealing hacks that don't require a machine and get the job done just as well. Let's discuss how it works.
Food & Wine shows us how to use a bowl of hot water and a resealable bag to seal food properly. First, put your meat inside the bag and close the seal except for about one inch. Lower the bag into the water. The pressure from the water will slowly remove the air. Be careful not to let any water into the open space and once the air is pushed out of the bag, you can completely close it.
The Kitchn offers a slightly different method that requires a straw. Simply put a straw in the open part of the bag and suck out the air until it's completely deflated. This may be a bit more tedious, but will likely remove the most air.
That's it! Your food is safe for freezing without having to use an expensive vacuum sealer. Check out the video for a first-hand look at the entire process. Share with your foodie friends!
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