Apples and oats in a slow cooker make a treat that will please your sweet tooth

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Now some people might argue that Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal is a breakfast recipe and not a bone-fide pudding. To that, I say a very polite meh. Meh. It's a jumble of completely delicious things, slow-cooked to a sumptuous, sweet loveliness, and that's all that matters. Eat it for breakfast, supper or a midnight snack. The important thing is to make it and eat it. Whenever you want to.
This fabulously healthful, steel-cut oat version from includes flaxseed, brown sugar, and nuts for texture and taste. The flavor is an absolute winner, but do heed the author's comments about cooking times if you know that your crock pot cooks on the quick side.
Advertisement rolls out a delicious version, with fragrant cardamom, coconut butter and the piece de la resistance, maple cream topping. How can that not be pudding-y?
Anyway, it's a luscious dish, and you'll probably find it hard to stop at one bowl.
Both recipes mention the possibility of slightly crisped or browned edges. Do stir if you like to prevent this from happening, but if you like a bit of a crunchy contrast, then you may want to leave it well alone!
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