Fill a Crock-Pot with hash browns and pour a yummy sauce for this any-time meal

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Nothing brings out the best in potatoes more than cheesy, creamy flavors. The combination of starchy tuber and smooth, silky sauce is just so good. Satisfying and hearty — these are recipes to warm the body and soul while having the benefit of being really easy to throw together! Neither of these recipes veers away from that essential potato/cheesy/creamy combo, and we think you'll just love them!
We're kicking off with this simple and delicious recipe from Buns in My Oven, which uses frozen cubed potatoes combined with chicken soup, cheese and a goodly amount of sour cream to make that rich, velvety sauce. You can fix this in two minutes as you rush out of the door. Then imagine the fabulous smell of your kitchen when you get home!
The second version from Lauren's Latest amps up the flavor with homemade chicken soup (you can easily use canned; just remove the soup items from the ingredients list), delicious smoked sausage, seasonings and diced onion.
If you don't make the soup yourself, then this recipe is just as easy to fix as the first one; simply throw in the remaining ingredients and set it to cook for a soothing, savory finished dish.
Comfort food extraordinaire!
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