Here's why the latest crock pot will forever change your life

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Have you ever noticed that microwaved food tastes different than food made from the stove or oven? That's because microwaves "do not cook food from the 'inside out,'" reports the FDA. Unlike traditional cooking, microwave ovens heat the outside layers first, which in turn cook and heat the inside via conduction.
Do you want to get rid of the taste entirely, or perhaps you are just sick of microwaving lunch? You are in luck! Meet the mini Crock-Pot:
How does it work?
This wonderful, microwave-safe device has a warming base, which helps heat your food on-the-go, regardless of where you are. Leave it at work or take it with you to school. Or perhaps you might use it on a weekend or day trip? Simply store your food and enjoy eating:
Available for purchase here.
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