These 4 ingredients with a few spices make an authentic crock pot dinner

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Traditional Mexican food is ripe with delicious textures and flavor, and these two recipes are no exception. If you're looking for a pretty special weekend meal, or something different to feed the family mid-week, then give one of these nice-and-spicy dishes a try.
We really love this satisfying and nutritious Mexican chicken recipe from The Slow Cooking Housewife. The photographs really capture the color and
vibrancy of this dish, which is packed with great flavors.
Don't worry if you can't track down the pink Himalayan salt; just use a flaked sea salt instead. Brown rice has a little more satisfying chewiness that you don't get with plain white rice, and works really well here.
We can't get a credit card between our love for the recipe above and this one from Carlsbad Cravings. Again, it's a riot of wonderful color and some different, but still authentic-tasting, Mexican-style flavors.
The shredded chicken, cooked down with those fabulous spices and the liquid smoke is mouthwatering; and the author's suggestion to cook the rice in the cooking juices is inspired.
Stock up on tortilla chips, lime juice and guacamole and have a mid-week fiesta!
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