Never worry about scrubbing baked-on food off your casseroles with a must-know tip

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Whether you're penny-pinching, trying to be more environmentally friendly or you simply want more bang for your buck, it's the little things that add up. Little things like dryer sheets. While those yummy smelling sheets are great for helping your laundry smell fresh, they're also a great tool to keep around the kitchen.
You can use new (or used) dryer sheets to remove gunk from your pans! All you need to do is fill your dirty pan with water, add a dryer sheet and let it soak overnight, according to Apartment Therapy. The next morning your pan is a snap to wash and rinse.
If you like that trick check out a few other ways you can put those dryer sheets to good use (courtesy of Apartment Therapy, Curbly, and Real Simple).
1. Clean up powdery messes (like baking soda or baby powder)
2. Dust your television set, radio, and computer.
3. Place used sheets in your underwear drawer or inside shoes or luggage for a fresh smell.
4. Clean pet hair off of your clothes.
5. Keep thread from tangling while you are sewing by running a dryer sheet over the thread before you start.
6. Keep mice at bay by shoving a dryer sheet into the holes they like to visit.
7. Freshen the air by placing a dryer sheet inside your vacuum bag. You'll clean and refresh all at once.
8. Place a dryer sheet in your picnic basket or new your picnic table to keep pesky bugs at bay.
9. Rub a dryer sheet on your skin to deter mosquitoes.
10. Remove soak and build up from your showers by scrubbing with a damp dryer sheet.
11. Clean up hair from the shower or your clothes with a dryer sheet.
12. Use a dryer sheet to remove bugs from the body and window of your car.
13. Use a dryer sheet for texture in painting or other crafts.
14. Roll a dryer sheet up in a diaper to keep the smell fresh if you can't toss the diaper for a while.
15. Soak paintbrushes in warm water with a dryer sheet to remove latex paint.
16. Place dryer sheets in your car (under seats) to keep musty odors at bay.
17. Toss a dryer sheet in your gym back to keep sweaty smells away.
18. Clear away sawdust during a renovation (or in the garage) with a dryer sheet.
19. Iron a dryer sheet on the low setting to remove build up on the bottom of your iron.
20. Put a dryer sheet in your favorite books to prevent musty smells.
21. Shine your faucets and chrome handles in the kitchen and bathroom with a dryer sheet.
22. Restore your scissors to top cutting power by rubbing them with a dryer sheet.
While we love dryer sheets for the way they make our clothes smell, we really love that this laundry-favorite is so versatile around the house. Pass along these handy tips by sharing this article with your friends on Facebook.
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