Put veggies in a slow cooker and put chicken on top. When it's done, you'll drool

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Korma can be a truly beautiful curry, and perfect to serve to people who aren't fond of too much heat in their curries. Hailing from South Asia, korma is a gently spiced dish, usually featuring aromatic cardamom and yoghurt or cream blended with a seed or nut paste. It has evolved, as dishes do, and now we tend to eat it a little sweetened, with the emphasis on the creamy taste and texture.
In fact, one of the great things about curries is how the keen cook can work within a framework of traditional technique and flavor while putting their stamp on things. This is demonstrated in a vegetable-rich version from Tablespoon.
The chicken thighs give a richer taste than breast meat; which, along with the yoghurt, keeps things from straying too far into being the 'healthy option!' In fact, this is pretty healthy, but that's because of increasing the amount of vegetables involved, rather than because anything has been left out! Work-wise, it's a fix-it-and-forget-it recipe that you can set to cook all day with no prep work aside from chopping the vegetables.
We like the use of cauliflower here; a vegetable that turns up in a quite a few curries. You can try dry-frying the florets first if you like, even letting some of them 'catch' slightly on the skillet and color a little, which gives a nutty, more complex flavor.
The chicken korma from All Recipes is more luxurious. As you can see on the video, chicken thighs are browned first; then the pan is wiped out and a slurry of onion, garlic and chilies are fried off, before adding whole and powdered spices, then transferring everything to the slow cooker. Add chicken stock and seasoning before cooking for 5 - 7 hours on low (3 hours on high). Right at the end, cream and ground nuts are added for a thoroughly delicious, rich curry that will delight everyone.
Serve with rice, cilantro, and naan if you can find them for a fabulous Indian-style feast. If you do have leftovers (this dish is awesome so don't count on it); then pretty much every curry tastes even better the next day!
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