Make your kitchen sparkle with these 5 'weird' cleaning tips that scrub out the scum

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Are you ready to think outside the box if it means your kitchen will sparkle like this? "My 19-year-old appliances still look brand new," says Cas, who blogs and posts videos as ClutterBug. "These weird cleaning tips get my kitchen super clean and help keep it that way!"
For molded plastic with stains that don't respond to scrubbing, soak the item in bleach, then rinse thoroughly. Cas demonstrates the technique on the tray beneath her refrigerator's water dispenser, and it goes from icky beige to sparkling white. Will it work on other colors? "I do it on my black water dispenser without a problem," notes YouTube commenter anthney516.
About once a month, Cas uses furniture polish on all of her appliances for a bright shine and fingerprint resistance. Her appliances are molded plastic, but furniture polish is safe for stainless steel, as well.
To remove soap scum, limescale and water stains from the kitchen sink, Cas uses olive oil. A light coating on the sink and taps -- regardless of the material the sink is made of -- gets rid of the gunk and repels future stains. She recommends doing this food-safe routine every six months or as needed, and notes in the video's comments that the oil does not go rancid or attract dirt.
Finally, for an extra shine all over the kitchen, Cas uses... wax! In the video, she is using boat wax but notes that she often uses Turtle wax in this procedure, which she performs every six months or so. She simply applies a very thin coating of wax to the cabinets, lets it dry to a haze, then buffs it off to a beautiful shine that resists food and fingerprints.
Watch Cas' video below to see her demonstrate and explain each tip in full.
What are your "weird" cleaning tips? Please SHARE these, then tell us yours in the comments below!
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