Stainless steel always looking streaky and greasy? Here are 6 ways to make it sparkle

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If you're going to have beautiful stainless steel, you have to be committed to keeping it clean. Stainless steel can look great when it's new and sparkling but similar to glass, it's also prone to fingerprint residue.
The following tips are quick, and, best of all, they are very affordable. Many of the solutions below are cost-free and make use of ingredients and tools you are likely to already have at home. Continue reading to learn the five cheapest, most effective ways to clean stainless steel.
Water and microfiber cloth
To polish stainless steel with this method, follow the video tutorial below to see this one in action.
Dryer sheet
Believe it or not, dryer sheets aren't used just for laundry. Check out how this sheet can be used to clean dirty stainless steel surfaces.
Sometimes, water is not enough. To attack greasy stains, make your own homemade solution inside the spray bottle, as demonstrated in the video below.
Glass cleaner
To rid stainless steel of fingerprints, About Housekeeping recommends glass cleaner. See it in action in the video tutorial below.
Rubbing alcohol (or cheap vodka)
For shining stainless steel, rubbing alcohol, surgical spirits, or vodka are the most effective home remedies. They work because they dry fast and leave a streak-free finish, says Melissa. They have the double advantage of acting as disinfectants.
Dish soap and baby oil (h/t Instructables)
The most stubborn of stains can be wiped away using a solution made from dish soap and baby oil. You will be surprised at just how shiny your stainless steel will be.
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