Loop a rubber band through your car's air vent for this very nifty reason

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With all the time we spend in our vehicles, driving should be a pleasant experience; yet we often don't think about our driving needs until we find ourselves frustrated in the moment.
Take, for example, using GPS navigational apps. Many people use these apps with our smartphones, but not all of us have found a dash-mountable phone holder that we're happy with. Make your own with a large, sturdy rubber band -- thread the band through the top of the dash air vent and pull it through the bottom (a pen or pencil may be helpful for this). The looped ends can hold the top and bottom of your cell phone for hands-free navigation!
To keep your car smelling fresh, open a box of dryer sheets and set it under a seat. If the scent is too strong, use one sheet at a time and change as needed. Dryer sheets are less expensive than air fresheners, and often smell much better.
If dampness is a problem in your car, fill a sock half-full with kitty litter crystals. Place the sock on your dash or on the floor -- the crystals will absorb the moisture.
Tight fit in your garage? Protect your car and your home by providing yourself a guidance system and cushioning. Attach a tennis ball to a string and suspend it from the garage's roof; it should be positioned so that, when the car is parked perfectly, the ball will rest on your windshield at the rearview mirror. For protective cushioning, split a pool noodle in half longways and attach to the garage wall -- the car doors should smash harmlessly against the noodle instead of the wall.
Finally, if you're lucky enough to have seat warmers in your vehicle, use them to keep takeout warm all the way home! Your passenger might object to the food riding shotgun, but it definitely beats eating cold fries.
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