Here are 8 nifty ways to use rubbing alcohol around the home – it's more versatile than you think

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Rubbing alcohol: most households have a bottle in the medicine cabinet, but rarely use it. When used as a disinfectant on cuts, its strong smell often evokes grimaces in anticipation of painful stinging.
Surprisingly, isopropyl rubbing alcohol has many non-medicinal uses; it's actually a wonderful, quick-drying deodorizer and disinfectant to use around the house. A word of caution -- rubbing alcohol is flammable, so don't use it around or on a heat source.
1. Sink cleaner, disinfectant and polishWhether stainless steel or porcelain, use rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth to leave your sink clean, disinfected and shiny. This is a particularly handy one-step procedure after rinsing raw meat or poultry.
2. Grass stain removerIsopropyl alcohol is an exceptional grass stain remover; work it into the stain, undiluted, and let it sit for ten minutes before laundering.
3. Ice pack
Create a ready-to-use ice pack that will conform to any body part by filling a plastic freezer bag with one part rubbing alcohol to three parts water. Seal the bag, place it inside another bag for insurance, then freeze. The liquid will form an ice-cold slush that can be used to ease any ache or pain, no matter how awkward its location.
4. Dry erase board cleaner
After a while, those dry "erase" marks become permanent -- but you can remove them with isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel.
5. Shoe deodorizer
Spray undiluted rubbing alcohol liberally into stinky sneakers until saturated. When the shoes dry, they should be odor-free.
6. Fruit fly control
Get rid of annoying fruit flies by blasting them with a spritz of isopropyl alcohol instead of chemical insecticides, then just sweep them up.
7. Microfiber stain remover
Rubbing alcohol won't penetrate the fabric of your microfiber couch and create a new stain, like water does. Simply spray the alcohol on the stain and scrub it away. Melissa Maker of Clean My Space recommends using a white sponge or cloth to do this job, to avoid color transfer.
8. Windshield washer
The American Grandparents Association recommends this recipe as a homemade windshield washer fluid: one quart of isopropyl alcohol, one cup of water and two tablespoons of liquid dishwashing soap or laundry detergent. "This solution should not freeze even at 30 degrees below zero [fahrenheit, or 34.4 below zero celsius]," says Linda Cobb, the "Queen of Clean," in the AGA article.
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