7 mouth-watering slow cooker beef recipes that you'll cook again and again

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Slow cookers are synonymous with delicious meals, easy prep and no-hassle cooking. More importantly, they can turn traditionally economical or tough cuts of beef into the most tender and juicy meals. Although some might balk at long cook times, others recognize the convenience of being able to throw ingredients into a slow cooker, set it cooking on a timer and going out for a day of work or errands.
With so much time for meat to break down and self-marinate in the pot, you can expect to return to flavorful and moist morsels of bliss. These are just some of the reasons why we've picked out seven favorite slow cooker beef recipes to share with you.
1. Slow Cooker Roast Beef
Eye round of beef is a fairly lean cut, perfect for this tasty recipe that makes the most of a mustard-and-herb coating in a hot pan to dial up the flavor even more. The cooking process couldn't be more simple, and this dish serves up a stress-free Sunday roast. Watch how to make it in the video above and check out the recipe with the link below.
2. Slow cooker Salisbury steak
If you ask most adults, they probably recall this elementary school cafeteria lunch special: Salisbury steak. What kid wouldn't? The nostalgia for certain foods is deeply rooted in our experiences as children. Even if you're new to Salisbury steak, it's simple enough to master and endless variations abound to suit your family's taste. Watch how to make it in the video and see the recipe with the link below.
3. Slow cooker beef and noodles
This meal works well for a quick and easy weeknight dinner. Even the pickiest eaters will love this flavorful beef pasta. Check out the recipe with the link below, and watch how to make it in the video above.
4. Slow cooker garlic ale beef sliders
Nothing is better than a slow-cooked beef roast. This meal is pure comfort food — tender beef cooked with garlic and beer. If you haven’t cooked with beer in your slow cooker, you have been missing out! The aroma created while the beef and beer simmer is like no other. The video above describes how to make it, and the recipe can be found with the link below.
5. Slow cooker ground beef stroganoff
The combination of silky egg noodles, creamy sauce and earthy richness keeps you warm on cold winter nights. The classic version of the dish combines a well-cooked pot roast, cream of mushroom soup and dry onion soup mix to get a creamy texture and earthy flavor. This version is more decadent but just as easy to throw together as the one you might have grown up with. Check out the video above and the recipe link below to learn how.
6. Slow cooker beef, potato and green bean casserole
One of the most delectable ways to enjoy meat and potatoes is in a brilliantly assembled casserole, especially when you're able to prepare it in a slow cooker using the classic"'set it and forget it" technique. Requiring only minimal pantry ingredients and fewer than 15 minutes of prep time to put together, this stunning recipe is sure to brighten up even the gloomiest of weekday meal plans. Watch how to make it in the video above and check out the recipe with the link below.
7. Slow cooker sweet and sour meatballs
Looking for an easy but delicious dinner idea? Look no further. These slow-cooker sweet-and-sour meatballs are sweet and tangy. They have the usual flavors of sweet and sour you would expect from a Chinese restaurant but no food coloring. Apricot-pineapple preserves give this dish a sweet but amazing flavor. Learn how to make it in the video and check out the recipe with the link below.
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