Here are 8 surprising ways to use Chapstick around the home

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Lip balm works wonders at protecting lips from chapping, but don't let its humble packaging fool you -- there is much more to this tiny tube of usefulness than meets the eye!
1. Moisturize cuticles
Dry and cracked cuticles often need more moisture than hand lotion can deliver. One beauty blogger, Candice from FancyThatwithCandice, simply rubs Chapstick into her cuticles. "It's amazing how much moisture you get," she says. "It makes a really big difference in the health of your nails."
2. Release a stuck zipper
Lubricate a stuck zipper with some Chapstick then wiggle it up and down a few times to release. Apply a small amount of the lip balm to the entire length of the zipper to keep it zipping along smoothly.
3. Treat insect bites
Use medicated lip balm on bug bites; Woman's Day reports that the camphor and menthol will relieve itching and burning.
4. Prevent hair color stains
Coloring hair at home often results in staining along the hairline. The Krazy Coupon Lady advises applying Chapstick all around the hairline before dyeing to protect the skin from streaks. Simply wash off while rinsing hair.
5. Tame eyebrows or mustaches
A small amount of lip balm applied to the fingertips then run over unruly eyebrows will keep them tame without being greasy. Works on mustaches, too!
6. Repair scratched discs
Lip balm will repair minor scratches on CDs, DVDs, game discs and so on by simply rubbing a thin layer into the scratch. Wipe with a microfiber cloth and the disc is ready for play!
When your Chapstick is suddenly all used up from utilizing these handy tips, don't throw away the tube -- get your MacGyver on and put that empty tube to good use!
7. Create a small survival kit
The Urban Survival Site recommends an empty lip balm tube for carrying pills, hook, and fishing line; strike anywhere matches, a cotton swab or piece of utility knife blade.
8. Create a cash stash
Need a place to hide some "mad money"? Tightly rolled bills fit nicely into an empty Chapstick tube.
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