Loop a rubber band around your mixing spoon for this no-brainer reason

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Sure, rubber bands are excellent for holding things together and for shooting at annoying little brothers (not that we're advocating that) but these modest little strips of natural rubber are also quite versatile, with a surprising number of helpful household uses.
1. Secure a mixing spoon
Wrap a rubber band around the handle of your mixing spoon, about two-thirds of the way to the top. No more fishing your spoon out of messy batter or soups! Watch the Howdini video below for a visual.
2. Keep apple wedges fresh
Instead of using a plastic bag to keep your apple wedges from turning brown, simply secure the wedges back into their apple shape with a reusable rubber band. The wedges won't turn brown, and you've used one fewer plastic bag; Earth thanks you.
3. Turn pages
If you have to flip through many papers and don't have one of those little rubber fingertips, fashion one from a small rubber band. Simply wrap it around the tip of your finger and flip away -- no licking required!
4. Get a grip
Several wide rubber bands wrapped around an uncomfortable handle or gripping area provides a non-slip and cushioned grip. Paul Michael at Wise Bread used this method on a hiking stick to make it more comfortable.
5. Pick up small objects
Drop something small and valuable in a tight spot? Good Housekeeping recommends securing a piece of nylon over your vacuum's wand with a rubber band. Then you can pick the item up safely, without sucking it into the machine's holding tank.
6. Identify drinks
Colored rubber bands make it easy to identify which drink belongs to whom -- simply put the band around the bottom of the cup or glass. Use bands of varying widths for added differentiation.
7. Get another grip: lids
Wrap a rubber band around the lid of a jar or cap of a bottle that is difficult to open. When you twist the lid with the rubber band on it, it should open right up!
8. Design Easter eggs
Rubber bands on an undyed egg will produce neat patterns when dunked in dye. Try multiple bands of varying widths and see what you come up with!
9. Get one more grip: stripped screws
Trying to remove a stripped screw can be a very frustrating experience, but Brain Jet has the solution -- use a rubber band! Place a rubber band over the screw's head, then insert your screwdriver; the band will grip the screw and out it will come.
In what unusual ways do you use rubber bands around the house? Please SHARE this article and tell us about your rubber band genius in the comments below!
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