7 ways to use your waffle iron for breakfast and more (video) 

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Waffles are one of the most popular breakfast foods around. In fact, few things compare to starting your day with a warm crispy waffle, doused in maple syrup and butter. So if you're a waffle aficionado, then you might even have a personal waffle iron, because there is nothing more satisfying than lifting that golden brown waffle hot off the iron and filling every little crevice with syrup within the comfort of your own home. But what to do with that iron when you're not making waffles? It would seem fit for only one purpose, right? Wrong! In fact, your waffle iron can be used to cook a ton of different things.
From brownie waffles to a savory omelette, these seven recipes make the most creative use of your waffle iron and ensure you get the most out of your machine.
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