How to coat chicken highs with this dry mixture to make a tender, creamy Southern winner

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The key to this satisfying dish is a rich, creamy gravy, and the key to an excellent gravy is a good roux. Roux is the thickening agent used in sauces and gravies, made from combining a fat and a flour. The combination is cooked alone long enough to get rid of the taste of raw flour, then added to a hot liquid. The flour's starch absorbs the liquid for a creamy result.
Fried chicken. Marinate chicken with this ingredient to make a southern fried meal "better than Popeye's."
Chicken scampi casserole. Coat chicken in flour and then dip in milk. The resulting casserole is delicious.
Slow cooker Sriracha chicken. Coat chicken in flour and toss in slow cooker. With only four more ingredients, get a terrific dinner.
Smothered pork chops. Start by seasoning pork chops to make a Southern meal that screams "comfort food."
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